The Best Fireworks in 10 Chicagoland Spaces

It’s the 3rd of July. You still don’t know which iconic spot to watch fireworks from. In need of some help? Not to worry… Fulton Grace is here to assist you in your pyrotechnic, star-spangled, exciting journey to find the best spot to “ooh” and “aah” at the sky for the Fourth.

1. If you don’t feel like venturing completely downtown…
Oak Park and River Forest High School, 201 Scoville Ave., Dusk
There’s plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and space to wander in Oak Park. Take in the fireworks if you please, but start with the Independence Day Parade at Longfellow Park to truly explore all the fun.

2. If you’re spending time with family in the south burbs…
McCarthy Park, 16801 S. 80th Ave., 9:15PM
Pack some snacks, grab a blanket, set up a spot, and enjoy the excitement of the evening. Bring the whole crew, too! There’s plenty of space.

3. If you’d like some great food to go with your fireworks…
Naperville Ribfest, Knoch Park, 724 S. West St., Dusk
Ribs. Rides. Rocking out. Make a day of it! Ribfest is a ton of fun, and with Melissa Etheridge performing, you will be bragging about your holiday to your coworkers for the rest of the week.

4. If you love an excuse to head to Evanston…
Clark Street Beach, Church & Sheridan Rd., 9:30PM
Grab dinner, drinks, and maybe some ice cream in downtown Evanston before heading over to Clark Street Beach for the fireworks show.

5. Because you know at least 10 people who rave about these fireworks…
Navy Pier, 600 E. Grand Ave., 9:30PM
It’s a mess, yes, but an awesome mess. If you get to Navy Pier early enough, there’s plenty to do and many places to explore. Utilize your favorite parking app, park a few blocks away, and wander back with some food for the show.

6. If you want to escape Chicago on Independence Day…
Alcott Park, 3751 S. 97th St, MilwaukeeWisconsin, 9:15PM
Milwaukee is definitely a fun place to spend the holiday! It isn’t too far of a drive, and the craft beer scene is one worth exploring. If you’re looking to make a last minute trip, this would be a wonderful place for it.

7. If you’re craving a small town kind of day…
Main Park in Downtown Frankfort, 200 S. Locust St., Frankfort, Illinois, Dusk
From 5 to 9:30, quaint Downtown Frankfort has a Fourth of July celebration you can certainly justify driving an hour for.

8. If you’re looking for a smaller lakefront for the day…
Lake Ellyn, 645 Lenox Road, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, Dusk
Charming Glen Ellyn is a cozy spot for some fireworks and neighborhood fun. Snag a spot early on, then explore the downtown area for family-owned restaurants and pubs.

9. If you want some epic background music for your pyrotechnics…
Bitter Jester Music Festival & Fireworks at Wolters Field, 1080 Park Ave., Highland Park
This festival supports and promotes young and emerging talent from across Northern Illinois & Indiana, all across Wisconsin, and into Southern Michigan. Support something awesome and enjoy the fireworks display!

10. If you feel like having a side of thrill with those fireworks…
Six Flags Great America, 1 Great America Parkway, 9:45PM
Rollercoasters and fireworks sound like they go hand-in-hand, so why not go for it? You can scream on the Raging Bull, then end your evening speechless, staring at the sky.


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