FGR’s Guide to Avondale

What’s up in Avondale? Lots. With Logan Square to the South and Roscoe Village to the East, its “up-and-coming” badge was bound to fade. We’re not interested in labels, though. We’re intrigued by authentic Polish sausage, some retro miscellany, and a space that claims to be coffee house, cider bar, music venue, and more.

Ready for a visit? We suggest checking out the following.

Honey Butter Fried Chicken
This stop’s a no-brainer. It’s fried chicken at its finest. If you weren’t hungry before passing by 3361 N Elston Ave, you’ve since changed your mind. “Front porch cocktails”, local ingredients, and priceless hospitality encourage getting comfortable here.


Image credit: Honey Butter Fried Chicken

St. Hyacinth Basilica
While Honey Butter fries up some sacred offerings, St. Hyacinth Basilica is a feast for the eyes. Erected in 1921, the baroque structure speaks to the heart of Chicago’s Polish community. Behold the “Polish Cathedral style” architectural and historical significance at 3636 W Wolfram St.


Image credit: GReyes Photography, Chicago Style Weddings

Sleeping Village
This recently awakened spot caters to all-day cravings. Coffee, beer, cider, the sound of silence, and the sound of underground acts experimenting should beckon the curious and eternally thirsty. Enjoy loitering from 11AM-2AM every day, and until 3AM on Saturdays.


Image credit: Barry Brecheisen, Chicago Eater

Avondale Mural
It’s geo-metric! Boogie woogie, woogie. If this 100-foot-long wall art puts you in a dancing mood, who are we to halt the groove? Located under the overpass at Addison & Avondale St, the Rafael Lopez-led piece certainly satisfies color seekers.

Avondale Mural

Image credit: Andrew Nawrocki

Kurowski Sausage Shop
Link aficionados and fluent Polish speakers work their magic at 2976 N Milwaukee Ave. Expand your lingual horizons and your sense of smell with a trip to the Eastern European grocer.


Ludlow Liquors
This local watering hole refrains from “trying”. Cheap beer, easy cool, good grease, and “killer” cocktails by the ounce fill 2959 N California Ave. Visit The Orbit Room’s replacement every day from 5PM to midnight.

Image result for ludlow liquors

Image credit: Ludlow Liquors

Bric-A-Brac Records and Collectibles
One man’s trash from the 80s and 90s is another man’s retro treasure. Welcome to a place where vintage tsatskes, choice records, and live music parade. See what nonsense and new shows are happening at 3156 W Diversey Ave.


Image credit: Bric A Brac Records

Korean-American shared plates with high-quality contents, Michelin recognition, and a relaxed atmosphere. 3500 N Elston Ave juggles with ease. Escort food-forward friends, and you’ll all leave with a full heart and stomach.


Image credit: Eater

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